Zeze Cat Paradise Four Seasons Applicable Hemp Scratching Column Luxury Cat Climbing Frame (Luxury 5-layer Model|120cm)

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  • 貓爬架層數:5層
  • 配件:麻繩、密度板/毛絨布
  • 尺寸(長闊高):50 x 41 x 120cm

Assembly service: net delivery

  • net delivery
  • +$350 package installation
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$989.00 $849.00
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The luxurious five-layer cat climbing frame is a five-layer cat climbing frame integrating scratching board, cat bed, hammock and ball teasing. Create a fun cat paradise.

Luxury 5-layer model: 50 x 41 x 120cm
Villa with 7 floors: 50 x 50 x 130cm

Please read the terms of service carefully before ordering any assembled product from the Pets Thing website.

Cat exclusive leisure space
On the premise of saving space, it integrates multiple functions into one, creating a pleasant and comfortable play space for cats.

Fun hanging ball・Attracting cats
The plush hanging ball swinging left and right is an irresistible hunting temptation for cats. The hemp rope connected is strong and wear-resistant for cats to chew on.

Integrate into a stylish modern home
Elegant and everyday heather gray, it looks fashionable with any style of home.

Large space・Unrestricted lying down
The large-area diving platform and cat nest design allow cats to rest and play freely on it.

Round hanging spoon・full of security
The cat's favorite hammock is made of soft and comfortable plush fabric, and the shape fits the body curve of the cat when it sleeps, allowing it to fall asleep quickly.

Liberate the cat's claw-grinding nature
The six pillars are tightly wound with strong hemp rope, and the base is designed with sisal scratching boards, so that cats can sharpen their claws anytime and anywhere.

Cat's Luxury Villa
The design of multi-layer jumping platform and large-space cat litter saves floor space for multi-cat families and meets the various daily needs of cats.

Reassuring touch like a cat mother
The export-grade short plush cover brings a comfortable and skin-friendly delicate feeling, allowing cats to feel at ease as sleeping in the arms of a mother cat.

Warm and intimate little house
Two semi-enclosed plush cat litters, the spacious space allows cats to sleep more comfortably and enjoy a comfortable nap time.

Three-section cat scratching post, free grinding claw
The cat scratching post with thick hemp rope is tightly wound, which is strong and resistant to scratching and does not fall off, protecting the furniture from being beyond recognition.

Decorate a warm and delicate home
Gentle beige tones and soft plush fabrics create a warm and healing sunny home.

Gentle color matching blends into a warm home
Minimalist beige color scheme, small and convenient, easy to match any scene.

Give Meow a full sense of security
Climb to look down, have your own small space in the sky, and enjoy a leisurely rest time.

bold claws
Selected impurity-free jute ropes are closely arranged, and the burrs of the hemp ropes are carefully removed. The claws feel comfortable and not prickly, which is convenient for cats to sharpen their claws at any time.

Wide and stable nest pad base
The semi-enclosed hut allows sleepy cats to have a rest space to relax, and gently supports the sweet dreams of cats.

product details

  • Skin-friendly plush cloth for comfort and warmth Selected healthy and odorless suede fabric, skin-friendly cotton and soft, with stronger warmth retention.
  • Strong hemp rope The grab post is made of high-quality hemp rope, which is tightly wound and strong and resistant to gripping.
  • Guardrail design Add a safety guardrail to the observation deck at the top to prevent cats from accidentally falling, and play with more peace of mind.
  • Stable structure The large-sized full bottom and three uprights form a stable structure, and the cat is not easy to shake when climbing.
  • Thickened square chassis The widened and thickened square base provides stable support for the climbing frame.
Product parameters
  • Accessories: hemp rope, MDF/plush cloth
  • Deluxe 5-layer model Size: 50 x 41 x 120cm
    Dimensions of villa with 7 floors: 50 x 50 x 130cm
  • Due to the fact that the size is all measured by hand, there may be slight errors, please refer to the actual product
  • Precautions:
    It can accommodate 2-4 cats to play at the same time;
    Wooden boards will have a slight smell in the early stage, non-formaldehyde, and will not affect health. It is recommended to use it after 3 to 5 days in a ventilated place;
    Sun exposure is not recommended, please place in a dry and ventilated place;
    Pay attention to regular cleaning of floating hair and dust
  • Please measure the required size clearly, we will not accept the reasons for exchange, return or refund due to the size of the goods after shopping.
  • Due to the fact that the size is all measured by hand, there may be slight errors, please refer to the actual product
  • Made in China, or contain simplified Chinese packaging and instructions
  • In case of any dispute, Pets Thing reserves the right of final decision.

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Assembly service

net delivery, +$350 package installation

  • Please do not reject the product when it is sent out. If you have any questions after receiving the product, please take a photo and save it immediately, and contact the Pets Thing customer service department. Please note that if the product is rejected or not picked up within the time limit, the resulting surcharge will be borne by the customer.

  • Refund applications for delays in delivery of goods due to the epidemic will not be accepted.

  • The following situations will not be exempted from the replacement arrangement:
    1. We do not accept returns, exchanges or refunds for reasons of non-conforming items after shopping. It is recommended to ask clearly before buying
    2. Items are found to have been purchased or not desired after delivery.
    3. The goods are damaged by man-made.
    4. The product has been opened or used (for example, the packaging tape or box has been removed).
    5. The item has not been properly packaged, has been damaged, damaged or is incomplete.
    6. The color of the product picture may have some chromatic aberration due to the different shooting lighting environment or personal screen settings.
    7. Pet furniture, such as wooden boards, rattan surfaces, hemp materials, etc., involves a lot of manual production, and will go through multiple layers of manual processing before shipment. Small scratches, small dust or small defects on the surface are normal (does not affect the overall use) , non-quality issues, please consider carefully before placing an order.
    8. If the customer entrusts the deliveryman to deliver the goods to the door of the address or the management office for collection, the customer shall be responsible for the risk of loss or damage of the goods.
    9. After the order is confirmed, the related assembly service cannot be canceled and the payment for the installation service will not be refunded.
    • Where the customer has already paid, but requests the company to cancel the order and refund, the company will deduct the following handling fees from the refund:
    • The company will deduct 20% of the total order amount as a handling fee
    • Please pay attention to the following rules when returning or exchanging goods:
    1. If there is a problem with the quality of the product, a replacement request can be made within 7 days from the date of receipt, and the overdue will not be accepted.
    2. After submitting a replacement request, please return it to our maintenance center within 3 days, overdue will not be accepted.
    3. The original copy of the order code and valid receipt must be presented when exchanging goods.
    4. Limit one exchange per order.
    5. If the problem of the product affects the overall operation, the replaced product must be returned together with the complete packaging and accessories.
    6. If the product problem affects part of the operation, Pets Thing will replace the problematic part instead of all.
    7. All shipping costs incurred for returning or exchanging products shall be borne by the customer.
    8. It takes one to three weeks to process the return procedure (calculated from the date of receipt of the return). After the procedure is completed, the Pets Thing Customer Service Department will notify the customer of the details.
    9. Pets Thing is not responsible for any damage to the product after delivery.
    10. If the product item or quantity does not match the order, please contact Pets Thing customer service immediately on the day of delivery.
    11. Reasons for exchanges, returns or refunds will not be accepted after purchase because the size of the product does not match or does not meet the needs.
    12. In order to avoid contact with sexually transmitted diseases, please consider the needs of your own furkids before purchasing, so as to avoid future sales disputes. If your product has been opened and used, it cannot be returned or exchanged.
    13. If a refund is required, Pets Thing will choose the payment method of the customer at that time as the relative refund method. That is, if the customer chooses to pay by credit card, Pets Thing will refund to the customer's credit card account. Please note that refund times vary with different banks or credit card companies.
    14. The company does not provide refund service.
    15. The company has the right to refuse all unreasonable requests for replacement or return.
    16. If the delivery address, phone number, name or delivery information provided by the customer is incomplete or incorrect, resulting in the failure or delay of the delivery, the company will not be responsible, please follow up or contact SF Express by yourself.
    17. In case of any dispute, Pets Thing reserves the right of final decision.
    18. Pets Thing reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions without prior notice.

    For returns or exchanges, please contact Pets Thing Customer Service Department:
    WhatsApp: +852 9584 1597
    Email: contact@petsthing.com.hk

      In case of any dispute, Pets Thing reserves the right of final decision.


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      5 steps to teach you to clean cat climbing frames and cat trees

      4 steps to teach you to clean cat climbing frames and cat trees

      After cats use cat climbing frames and cat trees for a period of time, there will be some other dirty things on the cat climbing frame besides cat hair, which makes the cat climbing frame feel dark and hides a lot of bacteria.

      Therefore, we suggest that it is necessary to clean the cat climbing frame and cat tree every six months.

      5 steps to teach you to clean cat climbing frames and cat trees
      sequence of steps step description
      step 1 Prepare cleaning supplies first, and go to the supermarket to buy some cleaning fluid for silk and wool clothes.
      step 2 Prepare it with your current laundry detergent and hand sanitizer, add water to dilute it to a certain concentration, and put it in a watering can.
      step 3 In addition, prepare two large rags, one dry and one wet with water for later use.
      step 4 Spray the cleaning solution on the surface to be cleaned, and scrub back and forth with a damp cloth. It can be seen that the contrast is still obvious. If there is no effect, the concentration of the cleaning solution can be increased.
      step 5 Use a dry rag to wipe the area just scrubbed back and forth, and finally wipe it along the hair.
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      Zeze Cat Paradise Four Seasons Applicable Hemp Scratching Column Luxury Cat Climbing Frame (Luxury 5-layer Model|120cm)

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      net delivery
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