KOJIMA Milk Flavored Lactobacillus Cat Toothpaste for Pets and Dogs 40g

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Milk flavored lactobacillus cat toothpaste for dogs

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Clean teeth healthily, stay away from periodontal disease, increase probiotics and reduce harmful bacteria

Clean teeth healthily, stay away from periodontal disease, increase probiotics, reduce harmful bacteria, remove bad breath | Soft brush | Prevent stones. Does your pet encounter these problems?
Tartar is damaging your pet’s health

Various specifications, choose as you like

  • Pointed toothbrush: deep cleaning, zero dead spots in teeth cleaning
  • Special toothbrush for cats: brushes teeth softly, strengthens teeth and protects gums
  • Sensitive tooth protection flat toothbrush: soft bristles, comfortable cleaning
  • 360-degree nano-feather toothbrush: all-round cleaning
Get started without hurting your gums
Highly recommended for young pets and pets brushing their teeth for the first time.

Lactic acid bacteria formula
Long-term gum protection reduces oral bacteria and maintains the oral flora environment. Long-term use improves oral immunity.

It is recommended to replace the brush head regularly every three months
Prevent bacteria from growing, affecting cleaning efficiency and damaging teeth and gums.

Balance oral flora
It can remove various pathogenic bacteria attached to the oral cavity.

Biological effects of lactic acid bacteria
Inhibit germs and reduce the growth of oral bacteria.

Say goodbye to bad breath stones
Maintain the balance of oral flora and reduce the bacterial growth of dental plaque.

Product parameters
  • Material: Fully hand knitted
  • based on The dimensions are all measured by hand, there may be slight errors, please refer to the actual product.
  • Made in China, or containing simplified Chinese packaging and instructions

4 Steps to Brushing Your Pets’ DIY Home Furnishings

Proper and regular brushing can help remove plaque and help prevent tartar buildup, which is the best way to combat dental disease in cats.
  1. Open the toothpaste and let your pet get used to and familiar with the taste.
  2. Use a small brush head or finger cot to help your pet get used to the feel of brushing.
  3. Starting from the easy-to-operate areas on the front and sides, brush gently in a circle at a 45-degree angle toward the gums.
  4. The small brush head brushes the mouth, and the toothpaste is edible and does not need to be rinsed, so the effect is better.

Tips for Oral Health Issues in Cats and Dogs

According to the American Veterinary Dental Association, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs begin to suffer from some degree of gum disease by age 2, and dental health problems can shorten a pet's life by 3-5 years.

Question: Can it really remove bad breath and whiten pet teeth?

Answer: Regular cleaning of teeth can be improved. Regular brushing can remove oral bacteria and stains. It is generally recommended to do this 2-3 times a week.

Question: Will eating it cause diarrhea?

Answer: The toothpaste formula is safe to eat and will not cause diarrhea. However, toothpaste cannot replace snacks.

Question: Does your pet’s gums bleed after brushing?

Answer: It is normal for pets with sensitive teeth and those who are brushing their teeth for the first time to bleed at first. Parents should pay attention to brushing their pets' teeth frequently and gently.

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      In case of any dispute, Pets Thing reserves the right of final decision.

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      KOJIMA Milk Flavored Lactobacillus Cat Toothpaste for Pets and Dogs 40g

      $199.00 $149.00