How to help cats stay calm during heavy rain and thunder

When heavy rain and thunder come, our feline friends may feel very scared. This fear response is natural in cats, but as cat owners, there are things we can do to help them reduce this fear. Here are some pro tips to help your cat stay calm during heavy rain and thunder.

reduce noise

First, close all doors and windows to reduce noise. Air-tight windows are more effective, but even regular doors and windows can reduce outside sounds to some extent.

Provide a safe place to hide

Second, provide your cat with a safe hiding place, such as a closet, under the sofa or bed, or even under the quilt. These are places where cats can feel safe and comfortable.

Owner's company

The companionship of the owner is also very important. You don't need to pet or cuddle your cat excessively, just stay close to them and give them the attention they need if they want to interact.

Create positive associations

In addition, providing things that evoke positive emotions in cats, such as delicious treats and toys, or catnip, can help cats associate positive experiences.

Use mood stabilizing aids

Mood-stabilizing aids, such as relaxation sprays or mood supplements, can also help cats stay calm. These products should be used every day during heavy rain seasons, not just when it rains.

Consider medical options

Finally, if your cat's fear reaction to thunder is particularly severe, you can discuss with your veterinarian the need for a short-acting medication such as gabapentin. This type of medication should be given before a rainstorm, not when your cat is already fearful.

Through these methods, we can help our feline friends better cope with the fear of heavy rain and thunder. Remember, every cat reacts uniquely, so finding what works best for your cat may take some time and patience. I wish you and your cat a safe and comfortable summer!